How to Choose the Right Bra: Tips for a Perfect Fit


  • Fasten your bra on the middle hook pair for flexibility and longevity
  • Choose the right style for your body type and needs, such as full-cup for larger busts or a balconette for low-cut tops
  • Check the fit of the underbust band, cups, underwire, and bridge, and ask for advice if you’re unsure

Finding the right bra can be a daunting task for many women. With so many styles, sizes, and shapes available, it can be hard to know where to start. However, a well-fitting bra can make all the difference in your comfort, confidence, and appearance. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bra for you.

Fasten on the middle hook pair

When trying on a bra, be sure to fasten it on the middle hook pair. This will give you room to tighten or loosen the bra as needed over time. If you start on the tightest hook, the bra will stretch out over time and become too loose to provide adequate support.

Timing is everything

Never buy a bra just before you are due your period. During that part of the menstrual cycle, the breast is often enlarged and can affect the fit of the bra. It’s best to wait until after your period when your breasts return to their regular size.

Choose the right style

When choosing a bra style, make sure it has the right function for your requirements. If you have a larger bust, a full-cup or a sports bra may be the best option for support. If you want to wear a low-cut top or dress, a balconette or plunge bra may be more appropriate. There are also bra styles with various strap designs that can cater to different needs.

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Check the underbust band

The underbust band should always sit perfectly – horizontal, and parallel to the ground. If it rides up your back, it’s too big, and if it digs into your skin, it’s too small. The band should provide the majority of the support, so it’s essential to get it right.

Make sure the underwire and bridge fit correctly

The underwire and bridge of the bra should lie perfectly flat against your skin and encircle your breast precisely. If it digs into your skin or pokes out of the bra, it’s too small. If it’s too big, it won’t provide enough support.

Check the cups

The cups shouldn’t look wrinkly or stick out from your body, but your breast should also not ‘overflow’ from the cups. Ensure that the cups are the right size and shape for your breasts. If they’re too big or small, the bra won’t fit correctly and won’t provide the support you need.

Look at how the bra looks underneath your clothes

Before purchasing a bra, check how it looks underneath your clothes. A bra that fits perfectly should smooth your silhouette and not create bulges or lines. Make sure the bra is suitable for the outfit you plan to wear and won’t be visible.

Ask for advice

If you’re unsure about your bra size or style, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Many stores offer free bra fittings and can recommend styles that will work best for your body type. Getting someone to take your measurements can also help you find the perfect fit.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right bra is a crucial aspect of every woman’s wardrobe. The right bra can make you feel confident, comfortable, and supported all day long. By following these tips, you can ensure you find the perfect bra for your body type, style, and needs.


Sarah is a seasoned bra specialist with over 10 years of experience in designing and recommending bras for women of all shapes and sizes. Her expertise in the latest trends, fabrics, and technologies in the lingerie industry makes her the go-to person for finding the perfect bra to fit any need or style.

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