5 Signs You’re Wearing the Wrong Bra Size (And How to Fix It)


  • Signs of an ill-fitting bra are spillage, gaps between the cup and breasts, and back strap riding up
  • Wearing the wrong bra size can be uncomfortable and even painful
  • To get the right fit, try on different sizes and styles or seek the advice of a professional to help you find the perfect fit

Finding the perfect bra can be a challenge, and it’s not uncommon for women to struggle with finding the right fit. In fact, did you know that most women wear the wrong bra size? According to a correlational study conducted by group of health researchers, most (80%) women wore incorrectly sized bras: 70% wore bras that were too small, 10% wore bras that were too large. Same study also found a strong correlation with incorrect bra size and the health issues associated with it . Wearing the wrong size bra can be uncomfortable, cause back pain and even lead to health issues. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will explore some of the most common signs that indicate you may not be wearing the right bra size.

The Spillage

Image showing the spillage in bra

Sign number one is spillage. If you notice your breasts spilling out from your bra, this is a surefire sign that you are wearing the wrong size. This could be caused by wearing a cup size that is too small. You may be constantly adjusting your bra to keep your breasts inside the cups, which can be a hassle. Don’t settle for ill-fitting bras that make you uncomfortable. Invest in bras that fit you properly and keep your breasts supported.

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The Gap

Image showing the gaps in the bra

On the other hand, if you notice a lot of spacing or gaps between your breasts and the cup of your bra, it’s a sign that the cup size is too big for you. The cups are supposed to hold your breasts snugly and securely, not allow them to move around freely. This can be uncomfortable and unsupportive. Always ensure that you get the right size to avoid gaps between your breasts and bra cups.

The Riding Up

Image showing the backstrap of the bra rising up

Sign number three is the back strap. If you notice your back strap riding up, it’s not the right one for you. This could be a sign that the bra strap is too big for you. A properly fitting bra should embrace your frame, and the band should provide the main support. If your band size is too big, it won’t support your breasts effectively, and the straps will dig into your shoulders, causing discomfort. When trying on bras, always ensure that the band is snug and fits well, and the straps are adjustable to fit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Wearing the wrong bra size can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and even painful. However, by paying attention to the signs and finding the right bra size, you can ensure that you get the support you need to keep your breasts looking and feeling their best. Remember, the right fit is key, so don’t be afraid to try on different sizes and styles until you find the perfect bra for you. And if you’re ever in doubt, seek the advice of a professional to help you find the perfect fit.

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