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5-Step Bra Measurement


Choose measuring unit


Measure your band size

Wrap the measuring tape snugly and slightly above the bust line around your back and chest, going under your arms. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number.


Measure your bust size.

Wrap the measuring tape snugly and slightly above the bust line around your back and chest, going under your arms. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number.


Choose sizing system

The sizing system can vary by region. Most brand use US sizing system.

Your Bra Size:

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Brands that make 32C size

About our Revolutionary Calculator

At, we understand the struggle of finding the perfect bra that is not only comfortable but also the right fit. That's why we've developed an easy-to-use online bra size calculator to help you find your ideal size in just a few clicks!

How Our Online Bra Size Calculator Works:

Preparation for Accurate Measurement:

  • What to Wear: For the best results, wear a non-padded bra or a snug-fitting tank top. Avoid bulky or padded clothing.
  • When to Measure: Measure when your breasts are their most natural state, ideally a few days after your menstrual cycle ends to account for any size fluctuation.
  • Where to Measure: Find a comfortable, private space with a mirror. This helps ensure the measuring tape is level and correctly positioned.
  • Setting Up the Environment: Ensure the room is well-lit and you have a flat surface to stand on. Keep a notepad handy to jot down your measurements.

Things You'll Need for Measurement:

  • A soft measuring tape
  • A non-padded bra or snug tank top
  • A notepad and pen for recording measurements
  • A mirror for accuracy checks

Follow these steps to use our calculator:

  1. Measure Your Band Size: Wrap the measuring tape snugly around your ribcage, just below your bust. Make sure the tape is horizontal and snug, yet comfortable. Write down this measurement.
  2. Measure Your Bust Size: Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Ensure the tape is straight and not too tight, allowing for the natural shape of your bust. Note this measurement as well.
  3. Input Your Measurements: Enter these two numbers into our online calculator.
  4. Discover Your Bra Size: Our tool will analyze your measurements and reveal your ideal bra size, factoring in both the band and cup size.

Prefer to Calculate Manually?

Here's How to Calculate Your Bra Size Manually.
  1. Measuring Your Bust Size
    • Gently wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, typically at nipple level, ensuring the tape is snug but not tight. It's important to do this in front of a mirror to keep the tape level and horizontal around your back and bust. This step is crucial as measuring the fullest part guarantees that the cup size accommodates the entire breast, providing necessary support and comfort without being too tight.

    • Ensure that the measuring tape is even all the way around and not digging into your skin. You should be able to slide a finger under the tape. This prevents the tape from skewing the measurement either too large or too small.

    • Measure your bust while breathing normally, after taking a deep breath in and out. This helps in accounting for natural fluctuations in bust size during regular breathing and movement, ensuring that the bra size chosen will be comfortable in various daily activities.

    • Write down the measurement by rounding to the nearest whole number. Let's say that your measurement was 38.25, the nearest whole number is 38.

  2. Measuring Your Band Size
    • Place the tape measure directly under your bust, where the band sits. Keep it snug and level.

    • Follow the breathing process that you applied when measuring your bust size.

    • Write down the measurement rounding to the nearest whole number. For example, lets assume that your measurement was 31.75, the rounded measurement will be 32.

    • To accomodate the elastic nature of bra bands, add 4 inches if the measurement is in even number. If odd, add 5 inches. In our example, 32 is the even number, so you'll add 4 to it to make 36.

  3. Perform the Manual Calculation
    • Subtract the band size from your bust measurement. The difference is key to finding your cup size.

    • From our previous example, your bust is 38 inches and your band size is 36 inches, the difference is 4 inches.

    • Finally, use the following chart to find your cup size from your band size.

    Bust-Band Difference US Cup Sizes UK/AU Cup Size EU Cup Size
    0 AA AA AA
    1 A A A
    2 B B B
    3 C C C
    4 D D D
    5 E or DD DD E
    6 F or DDD E F
    7 G or DDDD F G
    8 H FF H
    9 I G I
    10 J GG J
    11 K H K
    12 L HH L
    13 M J M
    14 N JJ N
  4. Get the final size.

    Combine your bust size with the cup size you calculated. For instance, if your bust size is 38 inches and you've determined a F cup from the chart, your bra size is 38F.

Importance of Breast Shape in Bra Selection

While finding the right bra size is crucial, understanding your breast shape is equally important for a perfect fit. For instance, if you have bell-shaped breasts, fuller at the bottom, a full-coverage bra might offer better support. Alternatively, for side set breasts, balconette bras can enhance comfort and appearance.

Recognizing this, the team at Bra Size Calculator developed the Bra Shape Quiz. This tool addresses the need for personalized bra recommendations beyond mere size. It's a response to the diverse needs of women, ensuring that every individual finds a bra that not only fits in size but also complements their unique shape.

Take our comprehensive Bra Shape Quiz to discover bras tailored to your specific needs.